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About Us for Daily News Express

"News is not only the medium of information but also the medium of connecting the world."

News plays a vital role in our lives. Without them, the world will be disconnected.

Daily News Express (DNE) is a news portal that keeps its visitors & users updated about literally everything happening in the world in real-time. Be it any political news or a new movie release - Daily News Express covers it all for you.

Committed to serving authenticity, DNE doesn't feature any news before checking the actuality of the matter. Once approved by our research experts, the news then comes to you.

DNE's well-crafted portal takes care of the carefully written content's reader-friendliness so that it remains easy to understand. The overall website is designed to be simple and sorted.

Business, entertainment, environment, food, health, politics, science, sports, technology, world, etc. - these are the categories DNE focuses on and keeps you updated every second.

A great team's hard work & ambition has led Daily News Express to become a brand and leading news website on the internet today. To know more about us, be with us.