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06 October, 2022 | 02:07 AM

Defence calls out for Aussie businesses

Defence calls out for Aussie businesses
The federal government is calling on Australian defence contractors to take on a bigger role and support the nation's key projects. Assistant Defence Minister Matt Thistlethwaite has announced the release for a fourth generation of contracts spanning $1.7 billion of investment each year. They include delivering services to military bases and supporting key defence capabilities. Services range from cleaning, hospitality and catering, to transport and security. "This is a unique opportunity for Australian industry to demonstrate their capability and commitment to the defence mission," Mr Thistlethwaite said. The assistant minister says the government wants to focus on minimising waste, maximising recyclable content and boosting the use of renewable energy. It comes as publicly listed Australian company Droneshield recently won a $1.8 million contract with the US defence department for anti-drone guns. Sign up for our emails