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05 October, 2022 | 03:43 AM

Kevin Smith Reveals One Clerks 3 Scene He Already Regrets

Kevin Smith Reveals One Clerks 3 Scene He Already Regrets
Kevin Smith's Clerks III has finally made it to the big screen after many years of development and a number of different ideas that didn't get it in front of cameras. Though the final cut of the movie has already screened (and brought in over $2 million at the box office in just six days, a good feat for a film of its size) the writer/director has at least one scene that he wishes he could change. Smith revealed as much in a recent Q&A after a screening of the film, CinemaBlend was in attendance and managed to record his thoughts on the matter, noting that Smith wishes he could make a change to the one scene that Ben Affleck appears in in the movie."This is what I regret and it was so easy and I had him and I should have went the other way," Smith revealed. "So, Affleck shows up...and then Affleck does the De Niro impression, which is ok. He should have done a Matt Damon impression....He talks about being this actor 'Boston John,' he's like 'ah, De Niro's my f-ckin' loadstone. Which should have been 'Matty Damon's my f-ckin loadstone' and he could have done a few lines from Good Will Hunting. Every night I watch it and go 'why didn't I do one more draft?'"At a certain point one must wonder though if making that change for the sake of the joke wouldn't create an ouroboros of comedy. As fans recall, Matt Damon has previously appeared in a few of Smith's films, appearing in Chasing Amy, Dogma, and Jersey Girl, later starring as himself in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. Having Ben Affleck, Matt Damon's real friend, play a character that drops Matt Damon as his inspiration may have been a bridge too far. Or maybe it would exactly what Smith's fan base want out of his films.After its limited theatrical engagement, and Smith's ongoing tour with the film, Clerks III will be available on digital platforms starting on October 14th followed by a 4K Blu-ray, Blu-ray, and DVD release on December 6th. In a previous interview Smith confirmed that home media sales on his last movie, Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, was the main reason that Clerks III got the greenlight. "Lionsgate still makes DVDs and Blu-rays and s--t," Smith told the audience at his SDCC panel this summer. "They sold DVDs and Blu-rays of 'Jay and Silent Bob Reboot.' And, apparently, sold enough to reach out to us and say, 'We sold so many f--ing DVDs and Blu-rays that if you ever want to make more of this Jay and Silent Bob bulls--t, as long as it's under this price point, f--k it, have a go at it and s--t. The only reason we got to do that is because bought hardware, kids. Thank you for that." {replyCount}commentsYour options for buying Clerks III on home media can be found below: Clerks III 4K Blu-ray + Digital Steelbook Edition - Best Buy Exclusive ($21.99) Clerks III Blu-ray + Digital With Limited Edition T-Shirt - Walmart Exclusive ($24.96) Clerks III Blu-ray + Digital Standard Edition - Buy at Walmart ($16.96) / Buy on Amazon / Best Buy ($17.99) Clerks III DVD + Digital Standard Edition - Buy at Walmart ($14.96) / Buy at Best Buy ($17.99)