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03 October, 2022 | 03:50 AM

This Is What Dream Looks Like

This Is What Dream Looks Like
Wildly popular Minecraft YouTuber Dream has gone through with a promised face reveal after blasting over the 30 million subscriber milestone.Dream has spent his career to date cloaked in secrecy, only ever represented by a stick figure wearing a plain, simple smiley. That came to an end today when Dream posted the following video to his channel.There will be some who watch Dream remove his mask and commit the face reveal with a degree of bewilderment. After all the mystery and the theorising about his identity, it turns out Dream has been a normal-looking kid with mousy brown hair this whole time. guess who pic.twitter.com/eqSWH1wAxd — Dream (@Dream) October 3, 2022The reactions online ran a real gamut, with some delighted at the normalcy of his visage. my answer is you #dreamfacereveal #dreamfanart @dreamwastaken pic.twitter.com/OH1xh95IMl — marween! DREAM EDIT (@cspringbff) October 3, 2022Some became immediately obsessed with the Bruce Campbell quality of his cleft chin. he look like the emoji#dreamfacereveal pic.twitter.com/z6fr4pB0Jd — ☆Bunner☆☽☾CEO of #frieraser (@bunnerscrib28) October 3, 2022Others couldn’t seem to make up their minds about who he resembles. Why does he look like a bunch of shrek villains combined into one person? #dreamfacereveal pic.twitter.com/i0LkDGOtsN — Daily_Dose_of_Mighty_Mac (@Freddyfazbeer1) October 3, 2022Others just wanted the mask to go back on. society if dream put the mask back on #dreamfacereveal pic.twitter.com/8Fg5H0gn0c — vio (@rhombussys) October 3, 2022One imagines when you have 30 million subscribers, the opinions of randoms on the internet will be little more than white noise. That kid is surely set for life.Anyway, thoughts? Are you wowed? Enjoying the memes? Do you care at all? Let us know in the comments below! The post This Is What Dream Looks Like appeared first on Kotaku Australia.