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22 September, 2022 | 02:31 AM

Former UWA professor Bill Louden appointed to six person teacher review panel

Former UWA professor Bill Louden appointed to six person teacher review panel
Federal Education Minister Jason Clare has announced another review into how teaching is taught at universities. The review, to be led by Sydney University Vice-Chancellor Mark Scott will investigate how to improve teacher education courses to deliver “classroom-ready” graduates. Mr Clare said the expert panel would build on findings from the Morrison Government’s review of the quality of initial teacher education which was released earlier this year. It would provide a report by mid-next year. Retired WA educator Bill Louden has been revealed as one of the members of a panel of six experts appointed to carry out the review. “There aren’t many jobs more important than being a teacher and we don’t have enough of them,” Mr Clare said. “One of the key issues raised at the teacher workforce roundtable I convened last month was the need to improve initial teacher education to boost graduation rates and ensure graduating teachers are better prepared for the classroom.” Bethany Hiatt Other terms of reference for the teacher education expert panel include how to improve the quality of practical experience in teaching and strengthening the link between funding for universities and the quality of teacher education courses. Emeritus Professor Louden, a former senior deputy vice-chancellor at the University of Western Australia, was also on the panel for the earlier review which concluded that higher education providers had to ensure teachers’ training was evidence-based and practical. That review noted long-held concerns that many graduates were under-prepared in key areas, including how to teach reading and classroom management. The panel recommended establishing a fund to reward good performance of schools and universities, “with a focus on rewarding those that use evidence-based approaches to the teaching of reading”. Sign up for our emails