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22 August, 2023 | 04:00 AM

Singer Troye Sivan's inviting living room proves '70s retro-meets-modern never dates

Singer Troye Sivan's inviting living room proves '70s retro-meets-modern never dates
Decor Ideas. Project Inspiration. Expert Advice. Delivered to your inbox. Thank you for signing up to Homes & Gardens. You will receive a verification email shortly. There was a problem. Please refresh the page and try again. Troye Sivan is known for his accolades as a singer, actor and former Youtube personality, but today, all we can talk about are his . The stylish musician's interior designer unveiled pictures of the living room in his Melbourne, Australia home, and the room is a unique melting pot of design styles. A photo posted by on Interior designers love the way that Troye Sivan's interiors combine for a personalized feel. 'This interior is a melting pot of styles, used in a way that feels very authentic and personal,' says Melissa Read, designer and creative director of . Melissa Read attended the KLC School of Design in Chelsea before working at London's best-regarded interior design studios. Now Creative Director of Studio Burntwood, an interior design studio that specializes in luxury residential interior design for private clients and property developers. 'Due to the eclectic furniture and the re-purposing of materials, it has a relaxed and lived-in feel, as if it's always been there. The accents of burnt orange in the upholstery work in harmony with the raw timber furniture,' she continues. 'The combination of mid-century style furniture and elegant library-chic book stacks creates a unique blend of comfort and sophistication,' says Charmaine Wynter, lead designer at . Charmaine Wynter is an award winning interior designer at Charmaine Wynter Interiors and applies her design experience to life, sharing her advice with her followers through her Instagram live 'Host-Chatting with Charmaine Live'. Charmaine has been a featured designer on TV shows across North America. The experts also love the way that the organic touches in the room create a warm and personal feel, 'The oversized plants, tiled flooring and floor-to-ceiling folding doors blur the line between the indoors and outdoors,' says interior designer Melissa Read. 'The large accordion doors effectively separate the interior from the outdoors while still providing beautiful views and ample natural light. The mixture of different woods and wood finishes adds an earthy and masculine that is simply irresistible,' adds Charmaine Wynter. The mixture offers a bright collection of . Home decor experts express that the combination of furniture and styles in the space creates an especially welcoming atmosphere. 'Troye Sivan's Home exudes a calm and luxurious laid-back luxe vibe that warmly welcomes anyone who enters,' states Wynter. 'In this well-lit and airy area, people can't help but linger and relax.' She continues, 'The brick flooring, topped with hand-tufted wool area rugs, serves as the perfect foundation for this classic L-shaped furniture layout.' Recreate the effortlessly stylish vibe of the Australian singer's cool, living room by shopping below. This incredibly functional and practical floor lamp is made of porcelain, metal, wood, and rice paper. It casts a comfortable warm light around the room in a stylish shape. This sheer white pendant lamp is suspended for an ethereal look. The subtle spikes at visual interest to the look of this lamp. This coffee table is made of ash wood with legs made of custom maple. The low statement piece will make an organic impression in any room.